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Tobias Wegener, Autor

Tobias Wegener (B.Sc.)

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the nature and escpecially its phenomena. This fascination was the driving force for me getting interested in physics.

Meanwhile I have been studying physics in Göttingen (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden) and during my studies I became also interested in web design which is why I ended up creating this website. Besides that I spend my free time with music and sports.

About the Project

The intention of the project Physics in a nutshell is to provide a new online source of knowledge in the area of physics.

In my life I have often benefited from other people who shared their knowledge on the internet and I appreciate that a lot. In my opinion the internet plays an important - if not the most important role in making education easily accessible because it does not involve production costs compareable to print media and it can be accessed irrespective of the geological location (provided that access to the internet in general is given).

However, during my studies I noticed that there is a lack of high quality educational material on the internet when it comes to more advanced topics, especially in physics.

There are indeed some sources like .pdf-documents, lecture notes and e-books but such documents are not capable of utilising the advantages of a HTML-document, e.g. its interactivity and opportunities concerning visualisation which can increase the learning efficiency significantly. That is what I want to offer with this website.

If you like the project, please share this website with your friends who might be interested in the topics!

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