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About the project

The project »Physics in a nutshell« was founded in 2014 with the intention to provide a new online educational resource for learning physics at university level.

The contents are organised in a way which allows both a structured self-study of connected groups of topics as well as the usage of the website as an encyclopaedia for quick reference. Lots of visualisations (and animations) are included in order to make the subject matter more comprehensbile and fun to learn. The enhanced usage of mathematical expressions makes it possible to track the individual logical steps more easily and to achieve an in-depth understanding of most topics.

About the author

Tobias Wegener, founder of physics in a nutshell Ukulele at beach

Tobias Wegener (30 years) Since I was a child I am fascinated by nature and its phenomena. This fascination was the driving force for me getting interested in physics. Meanwhile I have studied physics in Göttingen (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden) and during my studies I also became interested in web design which is why I ended up creating this website.

In my free time I like to be in nature, go on bike tours or play ukulele. In the best case, I manage to combine everything!

Terms of use

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The contents on, created by Tobias Wegener, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

If you want to reuse content of this website for non-commercial educational purposes, you can gladly do so in case the source will be stated properly. However, it is not allowed to reuse content for commercial purposes without my agreement. If you are unsure about that, please contact me!

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Some features of the website will not work in outdated browsers. For instance, most of the images used are scalable vector graphics. These provide a lot of benefits but are not supported by some older browsers. If some features are not working properly for you, please consider using a modern browser. If there is issue which remains even in a modern browser, please let me know!

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